Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here are some of the best comics that came out this past week.

I normally don't read WOLVERINE. Yeah I like the character and I enjoy him in other books but I never feel the need to pick this up because he seems to be in every book. After a while I just get a little tired of seeing him so I rarely read this title. However I found out that Jason Aaron was writing him and I decided to give it a try.
Now if you don't know who Jason Aaron is you should. He is writing a book over at the Vertigo line that not enough people are reading called SCALPED. It's amazing. I haven't been this excited about a book since Y:The Last Man. The premise is simple, Donnie Brasco on an Indian reservation, but the book evolves into something so much more than that. I highly highly recommend it. Aaron even has a deal that if you buy the first trade and don't like it, he will buy it back from you! ( So you can't go wrong. Everyone go out and buy the first two trades and then the last two single issues and you will be caught up. Do it's worth it.
Back to Wolverine. This was great. We have Wolverine hunting Mystique because she apparantly betrayed the X-men somehow (I didn't read the messiah Complex crossover so I don't know but I don't think it is necessary.) Cyclpos orderes Wolverine to find her and to bring her back if he can but he doesn't want her breathing. Then we get a nice little backstory of how Mystique and Wolverine first met going along with the plot as well. Through in an awesome ending (which I should have saw coming due to the nature of these characters) and this is one solid book.


I haven't picked up this book since the Waid/Weringo run way back when and I almost didn't pick this up, but I figured well everyone is going to be talking about it. I will give the first issue a shot.
The new superstar creative team is, as I am sure you might have heard Mark Millar and Brian Hitch. I really enjoyed the Ultimates 1 and 2 and I like Hitches art. Whatever you want to say about the major delays that those books had, which sucked I know, that was still a fun book. However I have a little thing about Millar. I love him whenever he handles characters that aren't in the main universe. He has a little more freedom and can make them do things that they normally couldn't do in the main universe. That is why Ultimates and Superman: Red Son are so good. Whenever he is the main universe it just doesn't work for me as much. Which is why I didn't care for CIVIL WAR. If that book took place in the Ultimate Universe it would have made complete sense and nothing would have seemed out of character. This Fantastic Four was a lot of fun and I didn't feel that way. Ben and Reed worked really well off each other and it felt like a fun Sci-fi adventure book which is want this book needs to be. I think I will stick on this title for a little longer.


Again Kirkman proves that he will kill anyone and no one is safe in this book. This book feels dangerouse when I read it. I can't explain it. I never know what Kirkman is going to do in the next issue.

Those were the awesome comics of last week. Laters!

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