Thursday, January 31, 2008

Man Captain America is Awesome but.....

The Last Issue of Y: The Last Man came out yesterday.
Now Y was the comic that got me back into comics. I was in college I hadn't read comics in years. Even as a kid I wasn't really allowed to read comics I had to read my friends copies. One day I as I drove home from my freshman level courses at the good old University of Houston I started thinking about comics and how much I used to love reading them. I found a comic shop that was close to my neighborhood and I pulled in. I told the guy working there and he recomennded a few things. I went to the wall and just grabbed some stuff that I thought I might like or whatever. I picked up Y: the Last man, Sleeper, Ultimate Spider-Man, Green Lantern, and Detective Comics. Of all those Y and Sleeper hit me the most. I was blown away. i had never read anything like it. From that day on I was addicked to comics and now spend way too much on them.

This last issue was a really great way to end the series. It was emotional and ended in a completely unexpected way. It wasn't like a twist ending or anything but it really cuts back to the Sci-fi roots of the series. Y the last man is a Sci-fi book but it was so good that you forgot that it fits in that genre. Lost also falls under the same catagory. This issue really reminds you that and also is a great bookend to the series.
Brian K. Vaughn. I love you. Thanks so much for doing such a quality series. I hope whatever you have in the future is super succesful as well.