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The week of 9-19-07

Before we talk about the books I would like to introduce the person I am reviewing them with.
Hi. I'm Timmy's evil twin. Complete with the moustache and everything.
That's right.

Let's talk about some books!

Ed Brubaker
Steve Epting
Mike Perkins
Frank D'Armata
I can't tell you enough how much I love this book. Brubaker is possibly one of the best writers out there today and every issue has had amazing surprises.
That's true, yet having not read this until issue #25, I'm enjoying it but feel like I should be enjoying it more. I feel like I missed some stuff really important in those first 25 issues....Well you know Bucky came back right.
Yeah I know that. He is the Winter Soldier and was trained by the soviets or brainwashed or whatever. However it doesn't something good becuase it makes me want to go back and read those old trades...
Or that awesome Omnibus that just came out.
Yeah I would love that. The trades might be cheaper.
Well let's talk about the art in this book. I really like the switch of artist on this book.
Yeah me too. Which one is Epting and which is Perkins though?<
ummm...I think that Epting is the grittier stuff and perkins is the other one..I think. I am almost positive. I'll look it up. I love this book. It is some of the best writing from Brubaker that I have seen since Sleeper.
No, Criminal is the best thing he has written since Sleeper.<
Good point. This is the best stuff he has done in either the Marvel or DC universe.
strong>You like this better than Daredevil?

Judd Winick
Amanda Connor
I didn't care for this book as much as others did.
Me either.
I really wanted to too. I love weddings even in comics.
You do love weddings don't you.
Love them. I just kind of..I don't know. the majority of this issue doesn't happen at the wedding.
You wanted it to be the wedding the entire issue?
No,no,no, It's just we get more of the bachelor/bachelorette party which we have seen already in the JLA Wedding Special and Countdown. Then we finally get to the wedding. ALl the dialouge could have been done at the wedding and it just felt a little forced to me.
That didn't bother me so much. I know people love Amanda Connor's art but I am not one of them.
I like her art sometimes. Like I like the way that she draws Green Arrow and I like her women too, the other characters like Superman and ......
She makes them look like the Tonka Toy cartoons!
That's funny. Superman does look like he should drive a dump drunk. She is a good artist just I don't neccesarly like her Superman. She's kind of cute though.
You know she is married to Jimmy Palimotti right?
Oh really! Never mind Judd Winick..ehh.
Yeah I am not a Winick hater but I don't love him either
Yeah me too. I will read a book that he writes but I won't pick up a book becuase he wrote it.
Yeah, I did like the way he wrote Deathstroke though.
Yeah me too. He was like an older brother or something. "You want to crash this wedding and attack all these superheroes...ehhhh..OH OK."

Greg Pak
John Romita Jr.
Klaus Janson
Christina Strain
Man. So we have hit issue four out of five and...
The Sentry finally got off the couch!
Yes he finally got off the couch. I am kind of just ready for this series to end.
You are not enjoying it?
I don't know. The first issue was fun and then from then on I feel like it hasn't done anything. Also this has also been the most repitive mini series that I have ever read. That's why I don't feel like it is going anywhere. Every five minutes we are reminded why the Hulk is angry and that it is the angriest he has ever been and that makes him the strongeest he has ever been and that he is especialley angry at Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man and that the Sentry is the only one who cane stop him AND that the Sentry is an agoraphobic that is scared to leave his house. Just get to the damn point already. I mean we have seen it a mile away that the Sentry is going to defeat the Hulk did they have to be so obviouse about it?
You know what would be awesome is if in the beggining of the next issue, which is the last, the Sentry comes in to defeat the Hulk but freaks out and becomes...what's his alter ego villian.?
The void
Yeah and he somehow teams up with hulk and they destroy the entire universe.
That would be cool becuase it wouldn't be so predictable. What they would do instead is Hulk would defeat the void and become a redeemed hero again.
Oh crap, I bet they are going to do that.strong>
Well at least that would be better than the Sentry saving the day. Whatever this could have been a three issue mini easily. My other problem is when is this taking place.
Well that's a complaint with the whole marvel universe right now, when is New Avengers taking place when is Mighty Avengers taking place when is Captain America taking place.
I don't think anyone knows.

Here some other quick reviews this week
This series is awesome, strange but awesome. If you can find the first issue(good luck I couldn't) pick it up along with this...
or wait for the trade that's what I'm doing.
It's about this ship that was swallowed by some Leviathan of some sort in the 1800's and generations and generations have gone by in the belly of this beast. It's pretty interesting, the art is amazing and it comes with extras in the back.
Frazer Irving is awesome. I loved his stuff on Klarion the Witch Bo
Me too. Pick it up at least for the art.

On of the four one shots tied in to the Sinestro Corp event.
I didn't like it, but then again I don't like Kyle Rayner.<
See I kind of like Kyle Rayner and I didn't really like this issue that much either. It wasn't bad but wasn't great either.
Yeah that's how I feel about Kyle Rayner.

I think my copy of this was missing a page.
Really that's strange. Interesting story. I wasn't super impressed but I like the kids in this book.
Yeah I was initially worried about the turn this book was taking, I didn't want it to be like a family sitcom or anything but I have come to like the idea of a Superteam that is an actuall nuclear family.
Yeah. We will see where this goes.

Was that it this week?<
Yeah it was a pretty light week. Kind of an meh week too. I did pick up the first harcover of Powers though.
You never read Powers?! Oh it's awesome. you will love it.<strong>
I am about a third of the way inand I already do. Thanks for reading. I'm Timmy
And I'm Timmy's evil twin.<

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